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Chapter 1      
Hebrew Letters aleph - bet  video 6:20    
BaGaD-KaPhaT (Dagesh) gimmel  video 7:38    
Hebrew Letters gimmel - chet  video 7:47    
Hebrew Letterschet - kahf  video 8:04    
Hebrew Letterskahf - samech  video 8:10    
Hebrew Letters samekh - qoph  video 8:10    
Hebrew Letters qoph - tav  video 8:11    
Final Forms (Sofit)  video 1:30    
Vowel Families  video 1:35    
Long Short Vowels  video 3:13    
Mater Letters  video 8:03    
Syllables (Open & Closed); Mater Letters  video 8:36    
Spelling - Review  video 3:06    
The Vocal Shewa  video 3:08    
Accents; The Silent Shewa  video 8:04    
Chapter 2      
Basic Morphology (Plurals)  video 6:16    
Basic Morphology (cont.)  video 6:24    
Spelling Changes - Vowel Reductions  video 8:18    
Segolate Nouns  video 7:19    
Chapter 3      
Definite Article  video 1:47    
Prefix He with Patach and Dagesh Forte  video 4:09    
Compensative Lengthening  video 9:26    
Virtual Doubling  video 3:26    
Minor Problems  video 2:24    
Prepositions  video 2:19    
Prefixed Prepositions  (Rule of Shewa) video 8:40    
Prefix with an Article  video 1:56    
The Conjunction  video 1:56    
Chapter 4      
Introduction to Verbs  video 8:18    
Introduction to Verbs (cont.)  video 8:25    
The Perfect Aspect (past/complete) video 5:54    
Perfect Aspect (cont.)  video 6:00    
Direct Object Marker  video 2:17    
Negation of Finite Verbs  video :32    
Word Order  video 1:01    
Chapter 5      
Introduction to Irregular Verbs  video 6:52    
Guttural Verbs (First Guttural)  video 3:08    
Guttural Verbs (cont.)  video 8:08    
Guttural Verbs (cont.)  video 8:12    
Aleph  video :52    
Final Nun  video 5:50    
Final Nun (cont.)  video 5:57    
Major Variations  video 7:34    
II Waw & II Yod (Hollow Roots)  video 2:36    
III He Root (He acts as Mater)  video 7:34    
III He Root (cont.)  video 7:43    
Stative Verb  video 2:34    
Chapter 6      
The Imperfect Apect (future/incomplete)  video 2:13    
Imperfect Paradigm  video 7:43    
Imperfect Paradigm (cont.)  video 7:50    
Gutturals (dissimilation) video 5:49    
Gutturals (cont.)  video 5:50    
Aleph  video 1:40    
Chapter 7      
Major Variations of the Imperfect  video 9:14    
Major Variations of the Imperfect (cont.)  video 9:21    
First Yod Verbs video 6:34    


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